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    Really like both the recruits. Versatile and athletic. Both can go up on the rim and handle the ball on the outside. Griffin looks like the better shooter. But Banchero ... so impressive. Banchero shows some serious all around skills for a guy listed as a "center." He can pass, dribble, shoot...
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    Prediction: Marques Bolden vs Mark Williams?

    What think ye ... will Mark Williams turn out to be a more impactful player at center than Bolden was? The same? Not as good? (I like Bolden as a person; and appreciated his staying at Duke as long as he did; just didn't have that aggressive competitive mentality needed to elevate his game)...
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    Any recruiting Intel?

    I am really okay with 1 or 2 guys coming in 2020 and, fingers crossed, not losing as many as one and done guys as in the past. I just hope K keeps coaching for another 4-5 years and gets one more title. I think if we can keep some of these guys for a couple of years, we'll have a better shot...
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    Could Kara Lawson's Hiring ...

    ... Pave the way for another coach with whom she's been associated to come to Duke? ;) I know this is not the woman's basketball board but am pretty pumped that they are hiring Lawson. I like the fact that she's been a great player; former WNBA player; and successful men's coach. And I'm not...
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    Movie Thread

    My wife and I try to see all the nominated films each year and a lot of the top Independent Films. We love movies. We love all sorts, from action, to comedy, to family, etc. I like good sci-fi but neither of us are really into horror films. An entertaining but underrated film is, "Yesterday."...
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    Sounds like Tre is gone

    ESPN's latest mock has 29. LAL - Vernon Carey 30. BOS - Tre Jones 49. OKC - Cassius Stanley Only first rounders get guaranteed contracts. The others have to make the team to get that. They often do but sometimes not. Can't remember the last time Duke did not have a lottery pick since we...
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    2021 Predictions

    The COVID-19 will be gone in 2-3 months. As far as next year it will be interesting to see what happens with the seniors. Not that they would necessarily contribute much given K's use of them. But, it will also be interesting to see who actually leaves for the NBA or possibly transfers. The...
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    Movie Thread

    Thanks! I'm a huge movie fan / cinema buff. I love Sicario and Hell or High Water (all of Taylor Sheridan's films have been great, imo). Wind River should be available somewhere. I'm the same way with Wahlberg, lol. But thanks for the note on his Netflix movie. I've had my eye on that. I...
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    Official ACCT Thread

    81-53 ... GTHC ... that just has a really nice ring to it.
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    Official ACCT Thread

    81-53. That's almost as good as 82-50. It's right there with it b/c it's the worst ACC tournament loss in UNC history! LOL. I wish Cole Anthony had had a good game b/c he's a talented player and I would prefer for him to go to the NBA - I don't want him returning next year as he would be...
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    ACC Tournament predictions per KenPom

    The first order of business is UNC does not win. But I like our bracket. We have to get by a couple of irritants in either Wake or NCSU. And FSU is always a tough team to play. But they are not at home which helps. Louisville is the likely opponent but who knows. The tourney that matters...
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    Robinson. Love seeing him play well. How great for this kid with his dad there watching. Gotta love it for David as well. As class an act as there has been in pro sports
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    What is Moore doing? We are single handed KU keeping this pale blue team in the game.
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    Javin! Come on, man! Switches on D then decides not to guard his man. You are a senior - gotta be smarter than that.
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    Playing well. I love Trey Jones so much. But Goldwire is such an offensive liability. And Stanley, for all his athleticism, is almost spastic at times on offense. Really needs to gain some control and smoothness.
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    It was frustrating that K countered a defensive team that can't score (UVA) with his own defensive team that can't score - giving Goldwire 25 minutes and Javin his most minutes of the season with 23. That made no sense. If they had some great scorers to counter with defense, sure. But...
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    What can we really expect?

    The lack of consistently playing even seniors like White and Javin is frustrating. Why would any not-top-25-30 player who has decent abilities, not a walk on, or 150th ranked player - but one who was, say, in the 50's to 125 ranking coming out - want to come to Duke to not-play for K? Other than...
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    What can we really expect?

    It's on K for relying on Goldwire - he has never stepped up to step on someone's throat and put a game away. He is not a scorer. He is a role player who can give you minutes here or there but he's not a 30 minute player. He's a 7-10 minute guy who may occasion a 15-20 minute game.
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    Same here. Been following since '78. 2010 wasn't as big a surprise b/c we had veterans who were the best players (Scheyer, Singler, Smith) and won 12 out of the last 13, including the epic 82-50 drubbing of UNC. So, that wasn't that big of a surprise. 2015 was a little surprise. But even then we...
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    Keep playing Goldwire and Duke is an easy out in NCAAs

    Well, I've never thought he was a starting answer or worthy of starter minutes. It's great to see him get PT if he is playing well. But he does not have any offensive talent to speak of - except in that occasional surprising way - and so, yeah, his getting minutes is not good for the team and...