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  1. jwill133

    5 vs 5 Uncut

    Goldwire definitely looks like a man out there, he's cut. It's not complicated with him, the amount of playing time he gets will be determined on can he make the wide open stand-still 3? He did last year, he did not his first 2 years. Was last year an anomaly or did he actually improve his...
  2. jwill133

    5 vs 5 Uncut

    We will not platoon, I hope K never platoons. Platooning very well cost UK the 2015 title which was excellent for us. However, just how good could our "second five" be as a unit? Goldwire Steward Baker Brakefield Tape Coleman 6th man. I understand the guards would need a backup, Buckmire I...
  3. jwill133

    Big Mark Williams will start at the 5

    I think Mark Williams starts more games than he doesn’t start. However, I do think we see A LOT of lineups with JJ at the 4 and Hurt at the 5. Roach/Goldwire Steward/Goldwire Moore/Baker JJ/Brakefield Hurt Whatever combo K goes with, we will be nearly impossible to stop offensively.
  4. jwill133

    5 vs 5 Uncut

    Mark Williams looks active and athletic. However good he becomes will determine this Duke teams ceiling IMO. I’m still thinking we could see a wide range of outcomes for how his season goes. It’s obvious we got a lot of good players. Until I actually see it, I still say K goes 8 guys (maybe 9...
  5. jwill133

    Duke team posters for sale?

    Anyone got any of the Duke team posters for sale? Preferably not autographed. Doing my basement and got a whole lot of space for Duke stuff. I'll make a fairly generous offer depending on which Duke team it is.
  6. jwill133

    Patrick Tape “As a kid, growing up in NC, Duke is the biggest basketball school in the state, it’s where everyone wants to go.”
  7. jwill133

    Champions Classic

    Great news. This ensures we will play (beat by 34+) UK in the Champions Classic the following year with Banchero and company.
  8. jwill133

    Battle 4 Atlantis...still on?

    He shot 33% last year from the floor while averaging 8 ppg and 1.5 apg (for a guard that is very low.) I definitely think K did right by bringing in Cassius over Boogie and Duke did well there. But if Boogie becomes a 3 or 4 year guy, it could hurt down the road.
  9. jwill133

    If this is Coach K’s last year...

    I think K is around longer than we think and also think keeping Nolan in the program is extremely important.
  10. jwill133

    Any recruiting Intel?

    I mean who wouldn’t wanna go to UVA and average 8 points a game because your team plays at a snails pace?
  11. jwill133

    Three Reasons Duke can Win the 2021 National Championship

    UVA had 3 NBA players on their roster. Hunter (3rd pick), Jerome (1st rounder), Guy (2nd rounder).
  12. jwill133

    Three Reasons Duke can Win the 2021 National Championship

    The biggest things Duke has going this year are... -It's gonna be another down year for the NCAA overall. Guys leaving early to go pro are destroying rosters, nobody has any depth. Plus the incoming freshman class isn't a superstar type class. -Lack of fans/crowds. I truly believe this is...
  13. jwill133

    Matthew Hurt weighing 240 now?!?

    Jalen Johnson is 6’9 220 with PG handles, I’ll take it.
  14. jwill133

    Matthew Hurt weighing 240 now?!?

    Were gonna need Steward to hit 3's to be a final four caliber team. I think Steward is gonna be a total wildcard, can see him having games of 25-30 points, and also games of 2 points. Think Gary Trent JR but even more extreme.
  15. jwill133

    What sport would you pick over any other sport

    Duke basketball Any NBA game Cincinnati Bengals
  16. jwill133


    Anyone else see Banchero clap back at Jay Williams on Twitter for calling out Lebron?? Duke on Duke crime!
  17. jwill133

    Matthew Hurt weighing 240 now?!?

    Thank god they didn't allow seniors to play again...or else Winston would be back for a 9th year of using his off-arm to push off his defender when driving. I hope the Champions Classic happens this year, we should beat MSU. The main reason I want it to happen is so that it ensures we play...
  18. jwill133


    He's built to play either position. K loves the hybrid 3/4 guys: Battier, Singler, Winslow, Ingram etc. Offensively Brakefield should have no issue, I do worry about him defensively (as a freshman) guarding quicker guys out on the perimeter. I think where he plays depends on what is around...
  19. jwill133

    Duke has multiple closers on next season's roster

    Tyus is easily the best Duke closer this decade IMO. Obviously he had the huge postseason, but all the way back to the game at Wisconsin in December he hit a backbreaking 3. Combine the upset at UVA and when we came back to beat Carolina at home when he put us on his back and he’s the absolute...